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Monday, April 5, 2010

Today In My Recliner ...

Although I think humor binds us altogether, I want to digress to a story that's all about heart.

Last evening ... Easter 2010, my family was sharing a simple evening meal to accommodate the most members' schedules. Somehow the topic of age came up. My nephew ... a medical lab technician at a rural hospital ... whistled to get everone's attention. He had a story.

It seems that day, at 5:30 a.m., he had been sent to draw blood on a 92-year-old lady whom he had chatted with briefly on previous visits. He had to rouse her from sleep and, without her hearing aid, he had to speak loudly and tell her his intentions. He worked his "magic" with little pain and started to leave. Since the patient seemed alert, my nephew asked her how she felt and if she was looking forward to spring. She commented positively and began to get comfortable, a plan for returning to sleep apparently in the works.

Collecting his specimen, he said, "before I forget, I want to wish you a very Happy Easter! ... today's Easter." To which she replied, "thank you, sweetie ... and you do the same."

About an hour later, after returning to the lab and busying himself with upcoming shift-change routine, the patient's test results finished and one of her "levels" was high. My nephew called up to the floor and told a nurse the results. "Well thanks for the heads up," she stated, "but I'm afraid that patient passed away a few minutes ago. You were probably the last person to see her."

As we sat quietly amidst honey mustard chicken and mashed potatoes, everyone of my family members was quiet. I was tearing up, as I am as I write this entry. My nephew had taken less than a moment out of his young life to speak to someone in a less-than-positive position. He took the time to simply ask someone how they were doing. It's so easy to forget the small acts of kindness we see in our chaotic lives, or the impact we can have on others by just being decent people.

POINT OF RANT: Take the time whenever you can to celebrate the good people in your life and let those important around you know what they mean to you. And nephew, I couldn't be more proud.

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