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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today On YouTube ...

If you haven't already, meet actor and writer/composer John Hopkins. I first "met" Josh when he showed up on an episode of Bones ... one of my ten favorite shows in the history of television ... as an old love interest of Brennan's. Next, Josh and I enjoyed his time on ABC's Brothers & Sisters, where he portrayed "Warren Salter" ... a liberal Democrat who proved a competent foil for the Republican conservatism of "Kitty Walker." (If you haven't watched it, Brothers & Sisters is pretty good, a Falcon Crest for the new millennium.) Now Josh has become a resident of Cougar Town as "Grayson Ellis, the neighbor full of charm, whit, and male snarkiness.

I really like Josh. We have a lot in common ... we're both handsome, urbane, and like saying out loud all the stuff that other people keep locked in their heads. Of course, Josh has the voice to do this in song. Enjoy this video of "Feigning Interest."

POINT OF RANT: We really do look alike ... in my head.

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