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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Today At An Imaginary Lunch - Guest 2 ...

Sterling Archer, an international spy and intelligence agent for ISIS, is the title character on Archer on F/X, and the second guest invited to me "Who I'd Most Like To Meet" lunch.

Archer is bold, brave, and thinks with his penis. He's what you'd get if James Bond (the Sean Connery years) and Pamela Anderson (pre-hepatitis) had a lovechild.

Oh, what a spirited lunch we would have. Sterling could go on and on about his sexual conquests ... and he would, without question. He would also unwittingly disclose classified military secrets over mozzarella sticks.

And I've got questions for him: Why haven't you "taken out" Figgis? Why did you ever let Lana go? Why does ISIS seem to employ so few operatives for a worldwide organization? Why don't you get a butler under the age of 100? Any why do they call you "Duchess?"

POINT OF RANT: If you've never seen Archer, you are ssssoooooooo missing out!!

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