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Monday, July 12, 2010

Today In My Car ...

I'm really steamed and I'm taking it out on anyone who gets in my way. It's stupid, but last night's Design Star episode really pissed me off. Dan Faires, my favorite down-to-earth contestant, was "eliminated" ... sounds like little Vern Yip had him assassinated or flushed down the toilet.

Anyway, Dan was easygoing, consistent, and, among a bunch of prima donnas such as the other current contestants (not Emily or Casey really), completely likable. His critique last night was harsh ... he got dinged for being subtle and a team player. Maybe he should have been killed, Genevieve Gorder! I guess good design means bashed-over-the-head color and so much squiggly, glitzy "stuff" that your eyes don't know where to go first ... or second ... or third ... you get the point. And I though you, dear, appreciated subtlety.

And God forbid, you share your strengths and talents with others on a team project. I realize it's a competition, but don't team skills sort of demonstrate your ability to work with others? ... like clients? 10 lashes on your way out the door, peasant! ... I'm sure Candice has one, I'm sure.

Dan ... you got knobbed, dude!

POINT OF RANT: Television IS a powerful medium ... I wanna smack someone!!

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