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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today At An Imaginary Lunch - Guest 3 ...

My final guest ... who would sit to my right so, if he would allow, I could pet him from time to time ... would be Lion-O from the ThunderCats animated television series. Lion-O was the teenage leader of a group of cat-like humanoids from the planet Thundera. Supposedly, they were their worlds only survivors and had fled to the world of Third Earth to begin a new life. But over the years, these agile and powerful heroes would continue to do battle against the evil mummy sorcerer Mumm-Ra, run across a few others from their homeworld, and hear rumors that their planet was not actually destroyed as they had thought.

I always loved ThunderCats. One of the reasons was that they were great heroes without overdoing it ... no flying or over-the-top abilities. They got along great and even doled out "kiddie wisdom" to viewers about healthy eating and the importance of literacy.

Now, over his plate of Friskies tacos, Lion-O could tell me more about the burden of protecting the Sword of Omens. He could confide in me if he and Cheetara had ever "shared catnip." With some prompting, he might share with me the secret of Snarf's Thunderian meatloaf recipe. And, most assuredly, he could tell me if he ever smacked those annoying twin Thundercats upside the head for being annoying ... constantly!!

POINT OF RANT: Don't knock the dreamer.

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